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London Filmmakers Collective


Welcome to our page! The London Filmmakers Collective is a group of established and upcoming filmmakers taking arts into our own hands. Formed in 2018 as a place to sharpen our arts  and collaborate with other creatives, we make short films regularly for fun and contests. Although  members are primarily based in London, we have collaborators across the globe who enjoy meeting and working with each other, in-person or online. 


Our group is open to committed creatives of any age, demographic or filmmaking role who want to meet like-minded artists and work on explorative projects without boundaries.  So far, we are self-funded and extremely enjoy what we do! Below are some of our projects.

When the love interest of a PI disappears under mysterious circumstances, he will do anything to find her. But at what cost?

Charlie fights her demons from the past, ruled by fear and depression. Will she find the strength to take that first step towards the beckoning light?

A washed up presenter, in an attempt to regain fame, rallies a group of mediocre crew into a dating show with matches intended to create an uproar and thus popularity. A cultural clash, Expectations dashed, what's next?

An alien hiding in plain sight. A mad scientist determined to prove her theory. Let the experiments begin!!!

Jason battles an evil assailant and his own inner demon looking for escape. But does his mind hold the key to his freedom? Let's talk about mental health and finding ourselves.

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